Season 1, Episode 1: “Discussing Empathy, Stories & Yes”

Summary: Vivek talks about how empathy facilitates connection in relationships. Marji talks about how our unexplored stories can cloud our vision and create friction in our lives. Sujai discusses about embracing the power of Yes! Yes!!!

Preview for S1, E1


Season 1, Episode 2: “Discussing Decision-making, Anger and Preventing Blow-ups & Play!”

Summary: Sujai, Vivek, and Marji answer a question that Sabrina asked about something she heard in Episode 1. Then, Sujai digs in on understanding our bodies’ queues so that we can prevent blow-ups; Vivek talks about empowering the development of children’s decision-making prowess; and Marji waxes on about playing and why playing is serious business!

Preview for Series 1 Episode 2

Season 1, Episode 3: “Collaborative Limit Setting, Unschooling, and Financial Awareness!”

Summary: In this third podcast of our Coffee Time Conversations series, Vivek opens the conversation with his discussion of the gifts of collaborative limit setting (at 1:50). Then, Marji presents about the principles and vast benefits of home-education through unschooling (at about 18:52). Then, Sujai brings us the topic of empowering children’s financial awareness (at about 52:00). It’s interesting how the topics interweave and echo back on each other! There’s laughter and learning!! (Note: the bumper music is written and performed by Marji, whose music site is