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Making the Switch to Peaceful Parenting ~ A six-week teleclass/workshop

If you have been struggling with

  • uncooperative kids,
  • lying,
  • tantrums and meltdowns,
  • yelling, hitting, fighting, and screaming, and
  • other behaviors that drive you up the wall…

this is the series for you.


...[Marji] has assisted us in understanding more fully life’s seeming complexities with our older teenagers...
— D.E.

You will learn:

  • why kids behave the way they do,
  • how to interpret unwanted behavior,
  • how to help kids cooperate better,
  • how to help kids communicate more effectively,
  • to improve your communication skills,
  • what children really need from you and how to meet their needs without sacrificing your own needs,
  • how to turn things around when you've "lost it,"
  • how to transition from coercive, punitive parenting to peaceful parenting without feeling like you're being walked all over,
  • how to respond more effectively,
  • how to make power struggles a distant memory,
  • to develop strategies that feel good to you and that turn things around fast without losing your cool,
  • how to stop yelling,
  • how to stop hitting,
  • positive steps to end bullying, AND
  • how to take better care of yourself so that you can be more responsive to your children!


Thank you, very much. You gave me a very valuable communication/ relationship tool. I am so grateful!
— L.B.S.

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AND, you’ll learn how you can effectively respond to your children in a way that

  • deepens your connection,
  • ends unwanted behavior, and
  • is in alignment with the parent you want to be!

Wow!!!!! I learned so much in just a short amount of time! Thank you, Marji, and also to everybody for making it a safe place to share.
— D.B.C.

The total cost for the six-week series is $120 (receive a 10% discount for paying in full prior to 10/6/2014).  A payment plan is also available, please ask.

NOTE:  Both parents are invited to attend for no additional charge!


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Working with [Marji] could be another path of wellness to being the parent you want to be. I know it has for me.
— E.C.S.


We meet every Thursday evening from 10:00 to 11:30 pm via teleconference.  

Week 1:  October 9

Week 2:  October 16

Week 3:  October 23

Week 4:  October 30

Week 5:  November 6

Week 6:  November 13

You have changed my life!
— W.S.

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