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Making the Switch to Peaceful Parenting ~ A six-week teleclass/workshop

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This particular session is already underway.  However, if you are interested in signing up for this class, it is being offered again soon, with times to accommodate folks all over the world (I've had interest from India, Norway, and New Zealand). So, if you may be interested in taking this class, drop me a line or send me an email, and let me know where you are on earth so we can create a time that will work for you.

If you have been struggling with

  • uncooperative kids,
  • lying,
  • tantrums and meltdowns,
  • yelling, hitting, fighting, and screaming, and
  • other behaviors that drive you up the wall…

this is the series for you.

...[Marji] has assisted us in understanding more fully life’s seeming complexities with our older teenagers...
— D.E.

You will learn:

  • why kids behave the way they do,
  • how to interpret unwanted behavior,
  • how to help kids cooperate better,
  • how to help kids communicate more effectively,
  • to improve your communication skills,
  • what children really need from you and how to meet their needs without sacrificing your own needs,
  • how to turn things around when you've "lost it,"
  • how to transition from coercive, punitive parenting to peaceful parenting without feeling like you're being walked all over,
  • how to respond more effectively,
  • how to make power struggles a distant memory,
  • to develop strategies that feel good to you and that turn things around fast without losing your cool,
  • how to stop yelling,
  • how to stop hitting,
  • positive steps to end bullying, AND
  • how to take better care of yourself so that you can be more responsive to your children!
Thank you, very much. You gave me a very valuable communication/ relationship tool. I am so grateful!
— L.B.S.

Reservations are a must.  Reserve now.

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Thank you for your guidance and compassion, Marji. I loved the courses and will continue to work on them for my daughters and other relationships in my life.
— J.L.

AND, you’ll learn how you can effectively respond to your children in a way that

  • deepens your connection,
  • ends unwanted behavior, and
  • is in alignment with the parent you want to be!
Wow!!!!! I learned so much in just a short amount of time! Thank you, Marji, and also to everybody for making it a safe place to share.
— D.B.C.

The total cost for the six-week series is $120.  A payment plan is also available, please ask.

(NOTE:  Both parents are invited to attend for no additional charge!)

Consider this:  For the price of a few lattes per week, you can get started on the path to transform your relationship with your kids. 


Reservations are a must. Reserve your seat now.

Payment Options
Working with [Marji] could be another path of wellness to being the parent you want to be. I know it has for me.
— E.C.S.


We meet via teleconference Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm EST.  

Week 1:  January 6 (Overview and some crucial information)

Week 2:  January 13 (Walking Our Talk)

Week 3:  January 20 (Healing from Emotional Pain)

Week 4:  January 27  (Learning Effective Communications Skills for Great Cooperation)

Week 5:  February 3 (Helping Our Kids Develop Resilience) 

Week 6:  February 10 (Putting It All Together)

You have changed my life!
— W.S.

One person asked specifically how the teleclass/workshop would work.  Here's the answer to that great question:

  • Everyone dials into a conference line at about 6:30 pm EST. We begin each session with a check-in, during which each participant (who wants to, of course) shares his or her successes, struggles, questions, or stumbles, and we discuss that.  We then jump into the content for that week. 
  • I limit the class size to no more than 6 participants, because it is a highly interactive class, and this affords everyone the time to engage and be supported.
  • At the end of each weekly session, there will be "homework" related to what we discussed during the session.
  • Each session is recorded and uploaded to a private password-protected page on my website along with a rough transcript of the content and the homework for that session. The page is only accessible to the participants for confidentiality's sake. Participants can either download the recordings to listen to later, or they can listen right there on the website.
  • During the 6-week program (and afterwards, too), I am available to whomever needs me, either by telephone, by email, or via a private Facebook group that will have been set up for the times in between session when folks may need a little more help or may want to support each other.

If you have any other questions about how this will work, or if you have any concerns or issues (like, you'd really like to participate but you're not sure how you'll manage money-wise), please reach out. We will figure out something. I have never turned anyone away because finances were tricky, and I'm not about to start now. 

And, If the scheduling is not workable for you, please be aware that other sessions are starting up soon, and I generally arrange the scheduling based on when the participants can make it (for instance, a recent session began at 10 pm). 

My point is that if you want to take the class but feel that there is something holding you back, let's see if we can find a way around that obstacle.

So...need more information?  Have some questions?  Want to take the class but the time isn't right?  Drop me a line.  You can send me an email, call me on the phone (845-657-3111), or use the contact page.  As the Beatles used to say, "We can work it out!"

Reservations are a must. Reserve now.

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