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Making the Shift to Peaceful Parenting ~ A Six-Week Teleclass

Making the Shift to Peaceful Parenting ~ a Six-week Teleclass.

(NOTE:  The timing for this class is Tuesdays at 2:00 pm Eastern Time, which is 8:00 pm GMT, great for parents across the USA who'd like to take a daytime class as well as for families east of the GMT who'd like to participate in the evening. To see how this timing works out in your part of the world, use this website to convert the time:  To see if there are other times that would work better for you where you are, visit the Upcoming Events page. And, if you don't see anything on the schedule that would work for you, click here to send a message to be alerted about new class times being offered and indicate a time and day preference.)

This teleclass series is an opportunity for parents to get their parenting practice in alignment with the way they want to be.

I hear from so many parents that they want to parent their kids peacefully but haven't been able to. There are lots of reasons why parents struggle with this, and in this teleclass series we get to the bottom of what really interferes.  We discuss practical strategies to deal with our own internal feelings that color the way we relate to our kids.

The point of this practical class is to have access to parenting tools that feel good to employ. No yelling, no hitting, no sarcasm, no timeouts (well...we'll discuss that), no hitting, no threats. This isn't hands-off parenting; this isn't so-called permissive parenting. This isn't walk-all-over-mom-and-dad parenting! This is involved, honest, practical peaceful parenting.

Parents learn:

  • how to remove YELLING from the toolkit (and why that's a good idea),
  • why kids behave maladaptively and how to support them when they do,
  • why kids melt down and have tantrums and how to get through these times,
  • how to turn around unwanted behavior (including the parents'),
  • how to help kids cooperate better,
  • how to help kids communicate more effectively,
  • how parents themselves can communicate more effectively,
  • what children really need from their parents,
  • how to meet kids' needs without that nagging feeling that they are also sacrificing their own needs,
  • how to turn things around when they feel they have absolutely "lost it,"
  • how to transition from coercive, punitive parenting to peaceful parenting without feeling like they're being walked all over,
  • how to respond more effectively,
  • how to make power struggles a distant memory (really!),
  • how to develop strategies that feel good and that turn things around fast without losing their cool,
  • how to stop hitting,
  • how to help a parenting partner gain these skills, too,
  • positive steps to end bullying, AND
  • how to take better care of themselves so that they can be more responsive to their children and be the person they want their children to become!

Here are a couple of things to know about the class:

We meet via teleconference (over the phone) from 2:00 to 3:30 pm Eastern Time (USA) (8:00 pm GMT) for six consecutive Tuesdays.  (But, contact Marji by clicking here to send a message if this time is not practical for you. We are happy to arrange other days/times for people to attend from all over the globe.)

Week 1:  Overview and Some Crucial Information

Week 2:  Walking Our Talk

Week 3:  Healing from Emotional Pain

Week 4:  Learning Effective Communications Skills for Great Cooperation

Week 5:  Helping Our Kids Develop Resilience

Week 6:  Putting It All Together ~ And...More Crucial Info for Moving Ahead

How does the teleclass/workshop work?  Here's how:

  • All participants dial into a conference line at class time (local numbers are available for more than 55 countries). We begin each session with a check-in, during which each participant (who wants to, of course) shares his or her successes, struggles, questions, or stumbles, and we discuss that.  We then jump into the content for that week. 
  • Class size is limited to no more than 6 participants/couples, because it is a highly interactive class, and this affords everyone the time to engage and be supported.
  • At the end of each weekly session, homework is offered that is related to what we discussed during the session. These "assignments" help deepen the participants' experience and learning.
  • Each session is recorded and uploaded to a private password-protected page on the Peaceful Parent Whisperer website along with a transcript of the content and the homework for that session. The page is only accessible to the participants for confidentiality's sake. Participants can either download the recordings to listen to later and/or share with their parenting partner, or they can listen right there on the website. This is beneficial in case a participant has to miss a session or leave early or tend to their child during the class.
  • During the 6-week program (and afterwards, too), I am available to whomever needs me, either by telephone, by email, or via a private Facebook group that will have been set up for the times in between session when folks may need a little more help or may want to support each other. This is a very critical part of what makes this program so effective!
  • If you have any other questions about how this works, or if you have any concerns or issues (like, you'd really like to participate but you're not sure how you'll manage money-wise), please reach out. We will figure out something. I have never turned anyone away because finances were tricky, and I'm not about to start now. 

And, remember: If the scheduling is not workable for you, please be aware that we are always scheduling new sessions.  We generally arrange the scheduling based on when the participants can make it (for instance, a recent session began at 10 pm to accommodate the participants' needs).  Let us know what your scheduling needs are by clicking here to send a message.

The point is that if you want to take the class but feel that there is something holding you back, let's see if we can find a way around that obstacle.

So...need more information?  Have some questions?  Want to take the class but the time isn't right?  Drop me a line.  You can send a message or call me on the phone (845-657-3111). As the Beatles used to say, "We can work it out!"

The total cost for the six-week series is $150, and a payment plan is available. HOWEVER, if you want to take this class, but you are financially unable to, use this link to send a message so we can figure out something else.  I have never turned away someone because of money, and I'm not about to start now!) 

(NOTE:  Both parents are invited and encouraged to attend for no additional charge.)

Consider this:  For the price of a few lattes per week, you could get started on the path to transform your whole relationship with your kids. Forever. 

Space is limited, though, and reservations are a must. Reserve your place now. 

(To see the various payment options, click that little arrow on the right.)

Payment Options

Here are some things that people who have actually taken the class have to say about their experience:

Thank you very much. You gave me a very valuable communication/relationship tool. I am so grateful!
— L.B.S.
Your tools are truly life-changing for me. You really have a gift.
— B.W.G.
No matter where a person is in their peaceful parenting journey, this class contains incredibly helpful, accessible information for everyone! My husband (pretty new to the idea of peaceful parenting) has especially benefited from the classes and feels very comfortable and accepted. He especially appreciates Marji’s patient, thorough and accessible answers to his many questions (and, so do I). This class has been a huge gift to us and to our kids! We cannot thank you enough. It’d be worth three times the price we paid, and we are already seeing a huge difference in our family dynamics!
— D.W.G.
Thank you for your guidance and compassion, Marji. I loved the course and will continue to work on the course material for my daughters and other relationships in my life.
— J.L.
Our 13-year-old daughter had a huge emotional outburst last night. She was yelling at us, being hurtful with her words, and it was really we talked through it she shared that she was feeling very jealous because she feels like her brother is getting more time with her dad than she is....It’s a confirmation that, as we learned in week one, that something like this intense emotional outburst is usually a reaction to a strong feeling our children need our help working through. Once we worked through it...she was back to her lovely self with a plan for time with daddy on the books!
— H.F.
Thank you for assisting us in understanding more fully life’s complexities with our older teenagers.
— D.E.
I have been finding immense joy in reconnecting with my little 6-year-old. I thought I knew this kid, but the tools we have learned in the class have transformed my relationship with him in a profound way. I’m learning to speak his language and the power struggles are not so very intense.
— B.G.
Working with [Marji] could be another path of wellness to being the parent you want to be. I know it has for me.
— E.C.S
Yesterday felt like a parenting win!! Thank you for your awesome class. It’s made a big difference in all of our lives!
— J.O.
You have changed my life!
— W.S.
I do praise God for this class. It seems as if it’s a self-awareness change-who-you-are-so-you-can-be-the-parent-your-child-craves kind of class, and that to me is AWESOME! Every parenting class I have taken is all about how to “effectively discipline” your child...I am thrilled with this. Thank you Marji!
— D.R.
Thanks again for a great class! I feel like I learned a lot, have new tools, and got more than I expected from participating. I’ll definitely recommend it to friends and family.
— A.S.
Such invaluable information that all three of us and any future children will all benefit from for the rest of our lives! We appreciate it so much!
— A.O.
I would highly suggest doing Marji Zintz’s class. She does 1.5 hour lessons on the phone for 6 weeks. She has really changed my life and somehow - I didn’t even know it was possible, but I know and love my kids even more after doing her class. She gave me such a deep insight into who my children are, how they feel, why they act how they act. She gave me tools to help guide me to become a better parent...She will be able to help you act like a fabulous mum - she will help you reconnect - she’ll change your parenting and compassion forever. Even if you feel like you are faking it at first...I finished the 6 week program a few weeks ago, and if my children knew it was her that has changed things so drastically for the better around here- they would be writing her thank-you notes!
— L.P.
I love this class!!!
— S.H.


The total cost for the six-week series is $150, and a payment plan is available. HOWEVER, if you want to take this class, but you are financially unable to, use this link to send a message so we can figure out something else.  I have never turned away someone because of money, and I'm not about to start now!) 

(NOTE:  Both parents are invited and encouraged to attend for no additional charge.)

Space is limited, though, and reservations are a must. Reserve your place now. 

(To see the various payment options, click that little arrow on the right.)

Payment Options