Did you know...?

Were you aware that April is none other than Child Abuse Prevention Month? I learned this on March 31st, so it's not an April Fool's joke, even though it feels like it could be.

Child abuse prevention is serious business, though...nothing to joke about. Personally, I'd like to see every day, every month...every moment...be dedicated to the prevention of abuse of all kinds. Abuse is devastating for the abuser as well as the one being abused. And, abuse IS preventable.

To that end, I will be doing my part, and I will ask for your help, too.

Look, parenting is challenging. Being "on" 24-7 can be very stressful, and when we are depleted, stressed, over-taxed and undernourished (emotionally as well as physically), we are at risk for abuse.

Being stressed does not make a parent a bad person. Being stressed is not a crime! But, it can be very difficult to take care of ourselves when we are already in pain. Sometimes, I get rather intense headaches. While I am in the throes of a particularly nasty headache, there is very little that I am able to do to feel better. I am reduced to lying in bed and moaning. While I am under the thrall of a headache, I find I am unable to be an effective advocate for my own well being. I think that could be very similar to someone who is raw and unable to cope: It's hard to take care of yourself, even when you know what the "right" things to do are. That could lead one to make parenting choices that they otherwise would never consider. 

(And, to be clear, when you're on the receiving end of being hollered at, it can *feel* abusive, even if that is not what the yeller intended. Put another way, the person who is doing the yelling and blustering may not be the best one to say whether the treatment is abusive or not.) 

I am determined to make this Child Abuse Prevention Month mean something. I have three Making the Switch to Peaceful Parenting classes starting up early in April, and there will be others starting, as well, later in the month.  You can find all classes at the Upcoming Events calendar.

To "celebrate" child abuse prevention month and to encourage folks to join me in that lofty goal (that is, preventing abuse of children), I am offering a 10% across-the-board discount to all who sign up for a class in the month of April, even for folks who make payments.

My goal is to get these classes filled -- virtual standing room only! -- to have the greatest impact I can. To that end, I intend to be a bit noisy about this, and I am asking for your help. Please share this post...and other peaceful parenting resources you like, too...amongst your friends and family, and invite them to share, too. The more folks who see this, and the more times they see it, the more likely they will be to think of it when they are in the throes of a lousy parenting day. 

Peace is the way.

Please let me know your thoughts (contact information below).  And, please feel free to share this with anyone you think would enjoy or benefit from reading this.

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Thank you so much for reading!!

Be well and be kind,

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