Child Abuse Prevention Month...Day 18. "It Only Takes a Moment"

It only takes one moment to pivot, and you get 86,400 of these moments every single day.

What determines whether you can make the choice to pivot? It’s purely an inside job. No one does your thinking or your feeling for you; you are sovereign in your head. How you feel about anything has to do with your thoughts, and you always get to choose to accept or reject your thoughts. For real. One hundred percent of the time.

Thoughts are like leaves blowing in the wind. They rustle past us by the thousands, and we can let them blow by (and we often do, in fact), or we can grab onto them and hold them (we often do that, too). However, many of the thoughts we hang onto and believe are untrue, and we could just release them into the wind. Many folks don’t realize they have this option. In fact, many folks don't realize that most of the thoughts they think are simply untrue! Yet, they believe the stories and make choices to act  based on those beliefs. 

Today, try this experiment: Try questioning a thought. Ask yourself if that thought you're feeling is true. Ask yourself how you can be so sure it's true. Then, see if you can just let go of a thought that feels bad to you. Can you find a better-feeling thought instead? What might that be? Have fun!

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