Child Abuse Prevention Month...Day 19 - It's SO easy.... take it personally, but don’t.

Remember that even children who are very verbal may not necessarily be so good at accurately expressing their feelings in the heat of a moment.

When your child screams, “I hate you!” you could take that as your cue that she is feeling intense feelings right now that are hard to process. Know that she doesn’t hate you; she hates the intense feelings she is experiencing in this moment, and she is only using the strongest language she has available to express her strong discomfort. Can you feel empathy for her, knowing that?

Don’t make this about you. Don’t take it personally. Instead, you could hold space for her. You could listen to her with love and validate her feelings so she can release them and move on. 

Today, if your child is dealing with intense feelings, try being a calming presence in her world. Remember that it isn’t about you.

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