When you don't see eye to eye

It happens!  You have one way of doing things and your co-parenting partner has a totally different way!  What do you do then???  

Here are some things you can try that may reduce friction:

1.  Listen more than you speak.

2.  Try to listen for the feelings and needs behind the words and the actions.  And, try to respond to those.  We all have unmet needs and fears. When we take those into consideration, we are more likely to be able to hear and respect the needs and feelings of others.

3.  Use and model language to convey to your co-parent that he or she is accepted rather than attacked.  Nonviolent communication works well here (using “I statements” to help your partner hear you better). Speak the way you would like to be spoken to.

4.  Take full responsibility for your own words and actions. (That makes it a little easier for your partner to take full responsibility for his or her words and actions, too.)

5.  Trust that you and your partner are on the same side. Collaborate rather than compete.

6.  Love each other. Even if the romance is over, there can still be love for each other as fellow humans and co-parents. 

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Thank you for reading! I hope this little exploration is helpful to you. Please feel free to share it with anyone you feel might benefit from this. And, also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts.

Be well and be kind,

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