Child Abuse Prevention Month...Day 15...Pivoting (Part 2)...How Do You Know?

Yesterday, we talked about pivoting when you find yourself to be out of alignment with your own parenting ideals.  But, in the heat of the moment, how do you know?

We all have the internal “equipment” to help us; some folks call it an “emotional GPS.”  Here’s how it works:  How do you feel?  Are you feeling happy and joyful? Then, that’s your e-GPS telling you that you are in alignment with your ideals.  Do you feel unhappy, uncomfortable, and out of sorts?  Well, your e-GPS is letting you know that you are not in alignment with the way you want to be.

Plug in your e-GPS and trust your inner guidance to help you know when you may want to pivot.

Today, check in with yourself periodically, and take note of when you’re not feeling your best.  That’s a clear sign to step back and reconnect with yourself.  What’s going on? And, could you shift? What would it take?

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