Child Abuse Prevention Month...Day 16 - What do you *have* to do?

From the department of limiting beliefs: Much of the stress, tension, discord and disconnection we experience could be the direct product of a limiting belief that we “have to” do something. The truth in the vast majority of circumstances is that we can choose (or not choose) to do something. This is not just semantics or splitting hairs.

We understand that choosing to do or not do something has consequences, and we can joyfully accept or joyfully reject the risk of those consequences. In any case, we still make a choice.

Here’s an illustration: I choose to pay my auto insurance premium, understanding that f I don’t, my insurance will cancel. I don’t want my insurance to cancel, so I joyfully choose to pay the premium without resentment. I could choose not to pay and allow the insurance to cancel, accepting the consequences of that choice. But, it is still my choice, and it doesn't have to be all bad.  For instance, I could choose not to pay the insurance, sell my car, and resolve to bicycle and walk everywhere and use mass transit. People do that all the time! 

This mindset is freeing for me and allows me to take joy in my freedom to make deliberate choices.

This is germane to peaceful parenting and preventing child abuse because we hold and made decisions based on the stories we believe about what we have to do, which could prevent and interfere with much of the spontaneous joy our children wish to bring to us! 

Today, ask yourself what limiting beliefs you might be harboring about your “have tos” versus your “choose tos.” Could you possibly shift your story so that you feel more in control of your life? How might your stories change when you see yourself as in control and free to choose?

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